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Our Start
Started in 2011 in the Lake Livingston area Handy Man Services began doing small jobs for friends and neighbors. We grew quickly expanding our service area to all of Polk County, Trinity County, and San Jacinto County. In 2017 the owner and company moved to Warren, Texas. We are now serving Tyler County and surrounding areas with the same great service we spent years providing on Lake Livingston. Handy Man Services is dedicated to providing high-quality, no-hassle services at an affordable price. Our staff is trained, experienced, efficient, and focused on achieving and maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. Each member of our staff operates with excellence and is trained to leave everything they touch in better shape than how they found it.

It's Easy Being Green!

Handy Man Services every effort to encourage and participate in recycling and reuse programs that are available in our specific area. Please call us for details on how we help both you and the environment!


Handy Man Services cares giving back to society through recycling and donations. Handy Man Services collaborates with multiple not-profit organizations and charities including:

The Salvation Army
Red Cross

Note that Texas law requires all electrical and plumbing work to be signed off on by a licensed Master

Handy Man Services is a division of Handi Inc